Dr.lewinn’s R4活顏緊致提升精華30ml

Dr.lewinn’s R4活顏緊致提升精華30ml

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A fast-absorbing serum that leaves skin looking firmer.

This fast absorbing concentrate improves skin elasticity up to 93% and firmness by up to 82%. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and skin sagging with the power of Progeline™ Peptide.

Contains collagen enhancing Matrixyl® 3000 and Adipofill™ which visually ‘Lipo-lifts’ lines and folds. Leaves skin looking firmer and more elastic.

還原初肌 塑造緊致小V臉

女人一過25歲, 肌膚鬆弛, 細紋皺紋就開始出現

快來支提拉神器- R4活顏緊致提升精華吧, 快速吸收, 肌膚緊致光澤

  • 成份: MatrixyIR3000, Adipofill因子, 棕櫚酰三胜肽-3, Progeline 就是能明顯淡化皺紋, 改善皮膚鬆弛, 令肌膚緊致彈韌